Aimless Secound Game and Aimless First Game 2


Receives the Windows, Linux, Mac and Android versions of Aimless Secound Game

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Aimless Secound Game contains all versions of the game collection. Furthermore, all versions of Aimless First Game 2 are also included in the package.

Aimless Secound Game itself is a small game collection, which consists of three games. The goal of the game was to get to know the used game engine. The system requirements are low, since the main platform is Android Smartphones.

The letter at the end of the name indicates which version of Aimless Secound Game is included in the file.

…-L = Linux                             …-W = Windows                         …-A = Android                           …-M = Mac

With Aimless First Game 2, the name of the downloadable file already indicates for which system the version is intended. In the version for Windows and Linux respectively, the start files for Windows and Linux are included. If the version for Linux is started, the start file for Windows is deleted and vice versa.

The Android versions of both games are absolutely ad-free. Furthermore, the download settings are made so that you can download the game an unlimited number of times.

!!! Since the packed Android file is a bit too big for uploading, there is currently only a google drive download link. A packed Android file will be uploaded later.

Download link from Aimless First Game 2, for those who do not want to give personal data:

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