Aimless Secound Game

Aimless Secound Game is a small games collection for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. As the first game of the Developer it was the goal to learn how the Godot engine works. As far as the games are concerned, two of the three games are based on demos of the underlying engine.

First Game of the Game Collection

The first game is a little Tetris Klone. A solid classic.

Picture of the second game of the Collection

The game idea of the second game is also based on a demo of the Godot engine. Unlike the Tetris clone here is only a very small part based on the original demo. So the underlying game mechanics, some graphics and the first level come from the original game.

Picture of the third game of the Collection

The idea for the third game comes from the study time at the Westsächsische Universität Zwickau. It is the port of a computer game. Due to the differences between PC and Android phones, however, some profound changes had to be made.