Aimless First Game 2 Update 0.5 – 0.6 2D Nyanners unlockable!

After a long time update 0.5 is finally available. With update 0.5 it is finally possible to unlock and play the 2D version of Natasha Nyanners. Since the 2D version of Nyanners was built from different parts and is not a texture like the other characters, there were some problems when creating it. These problems concern the transitions of the animations. However, I decided to keep these bugs in the game.

With the next update comes the 3D version of Nyanners. The model is based on the LittleGuy character already in the game. With some improvements.

Maybe there will be some minor changes to the details. However, simple models like the one in the picture or minor bugs in animations like in the 2D version should make up the charm of the game.

Furthermore I don’t have that much time for debugging because I want to add 2D and 3D versions of Froot(Apricot the Lich), Zentraya, Projekt melody, Silvervale and Ironmouse until version 0.6. These characters have special abilities that will create levels that can only be created with special characters. For example, levels with gas clouds that only Nyanners can cross. All other characters would die in these clouds. The reason for this ability is the following excerpt from one of their streams.

Fan animation link:

Therefore, from version 0.6 at the latest, levels will be created that can only be solved with special characters. Or for multiplayer levels that can only be solved with special combinations. For example Froot who can fly and Nyanners who can cross gas clouds.

Until version 0.6 mainly the new Vshojo characters will be added and the levels in which you can unlock them. In these levels there are sections in which, like in the Nyanners level, there are parts for which the corresponding character abilities are needed.

translated with deepl