Aimless First Game 2 Android Version 1.1


The version 1.1 of Aimless First Game 2 Android is here! After some work, an update has been completed which will be integrated into the PC version by the weekend if possible.

Part of the update is an adaptation of the options menu for two new functions. The first function is a zoom function for the camera which follows the player.

The second new function is the selection of a newly inserted character. From now on the player has the possibility to choose between Cubio and a character called Little Guy.

Besides the two new settings in the options menu, there are now three new levels. Two of these levels were created with the classic graphics. While the third level, which you can see in the picture, was mainly created with new graphics.

Another thing you can see is the big picture in the background, which serves as background in most levels.

Finally, level times from levels 1 and 3 have been reworked. The tests with the highest difficulty level showed that the time to complete the level was much too short.

Aimless First Game 2 Android Download link: