Aimless First Game 2 Android update 1.3/1.3.1

The update for Aimless First Game 2 is out. The changes of this new version mainly concern the program logic in the background. Update 1.3.1 is only available here in the store for now, because the reason for the update are problems with Admob. The reason why update 1.3.1 is only available here in the store is the fact that the validity of all other download links has been dated to 1.1.2021.

In update 1.3 the level selection and the save states have been adjusted, with the goal that the highest difficulty level on which you have completed the level is displayed.

Also, a new level has been added and old levels have been reworked. The revision of old levels, however, only affects level timers and the nods for Admob. The reason for this is that they are not properly connected.

Furthermore, there is an update in which stores the game is available.

  • Amazon App Store (Does not accept the update at this time)
  • Google play store (Version 1.3)
  • Slide me (Version 1.3)

The update 1.3.1 is marked with the extension 131 to show that it is version 1.3.1. From 1.1.2021 comes update 1.4 from this time on all places where the game is available again the same versions are uploaded. The Google play store will need some time after that until the update is verified.

Download link version 1.3.1

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