Aimless First game 2 Version 0,4 (Windows, Linux, Mac)

After some time the version 0.4 of the PC version of Aimless First Game 2 is finally available! With version 0.4 all PC versions get the first components that are only available on the PC.


For the PC versions, a basic 3D mode has been added, in which the 2D levels are recreated in 3D. Due to the greater complexity in 3D space, the levels become more complex. Since laptops and desktop computers usually have more processing power than PCs, the worlds will be much more decorated.

Also, the two characters from the single player are already present. Cubio and Little_guy have 3 zoom settings for the standard camera, just like in 2D mode. However, a first-person perspective has already been added. Currently the camera is fixed in all positions and cannot be moved.

Furthermore, the save states have also been revised. The PC versions now also show which levels have been completed on which difficulty level. Also, another level selection was added which was optimized for controller and keyboard inputs.

futur update Plans

Both level selection and levels will be expanded in the future. The idea is to build a level selection that is a completely separate level, similar to Super Mario 64 or other games. The same applies to the individual levels.

in one of the next updates it should be possible to move the camera freely. If the camera is behind the player, it should rotate around the player. In the first-person perspective it should be possible to look around.

In future updates there will also be new game characters. The plan is that these will be based on various VTubers.

When the game is big enough it will be released on platforms like Gog and Steam.